Saturday, June 5, 2010

am back... still on the laptop...

Well after adding a few programs and bits and piece to the laptop, I can finally blog again! even got the camera working.

Lots to say and to show! I have in earlier blogs talked about the Narromine swap... well I am very happy to say that my swap arrived yesterday... I came home from Geraldton and found a lovely parcel on my front step. Look what was inside... Karri made me a lovely Santa wall hanging...this will take pride at Christmas in my new house... yes that right we are on the move.
I have lost the pics of the gift that I made Karri, I am hoping that it maybe blogged one day soon.

Well as we are going in to the under offer stage of the sale of the family home here... am sure going to miss the lovely views I have here.
I am currently looking at another home in Geraldton some 65km from here to make my own family home for my daughter and myself. Here's hoping that I can get it... will miss living here but work and the education of my girl is more important that views and the best beaches.......  it not that far away that I can't come back for a visits.


Maria said...

Your Narramine swap from Karri is just beautiful. even better in the flesh.

Good luck with your house and wishing you and your DD all the best in Geralton.

webbsway said...

I truely adore the introduction at the top of your blog about your loves and time. Your words spoke what my heart has been saying! :)