Sunday, October 2, 2011

finally I am back to say hi.... been a very busy woman!

Hi just came to say that finally I have the time to sit here and blog.... I have lots to show you as since i last blogged....
I have renovated my house here are some pictures of the work in progress
and would you believe that now i cant get the pic to down load .......

well here is the new pantry cupboards and the other are slowly getting put together... you can see the tiled floors newly laid, they were originally in 3 layers of carpet... and several tonnes of dust

life has been a bit stressful with no kitchen ...... as this is what we started with just a kitchen sink for a few weeks while every thing was under construction and being demolished ... oh what fun... we had pieces of Chip board for benches while my dear friend Ernie made me from recycled floor boards my bench tops ... they look great now
he  fixed up many other little things for me while here.... a big thanks to my dear friend.
During this I also had a new bedroom added and a large proportion of the front veranda enclosed and  this has created a big family room and dinning area. Cutting a hole from the old kitchen to the dinning area.... busy place and the electricians came and rewired the whole house .....

oh no wonder that work sounded like a good place to be ...then I was talked in to a new job, have gone back to being a chef, and manager of a catering department and now working 5-6 days a week.

My daughter and myself then decided that we could lay click lock flooring down this room that is some 13 meters long... we made it to the end will show them in the next entry.