Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On a role... crafting for christmas

Today its raining and I have been sitting at the kitchen table and playing with craft....
here is some paper craft that I made.... little bag and box's for special gifts

Yesterday I went to our OP Shop here in town and look what I purchased for a whopping 50cents. Then I turned it in to this gift for a young lady to keep all her pens in.
I love to recycle.... and a such a cheep and crafty gift.

While I was in Geraldton on Saturday I purchased myself some Pinking shears, when reading the label I discovered that they are dishwasher safe??? why would that be???? as we use them for material........ or are we going to take up cutting up our chicken or steak with a lovely zigzag edge...mmmm  the mind does boggle as to why manufactures do such crazy things......

Do you remember the scarf that I made in blue wool???.... well I also while in Geraldton purchased some lovely variegated in colour and texture wool and made this  crochet dress scarf can you see that its a chain of daisy's??


Maria said...

My Linda you have been very busy indeed. I must go away more often. LOL

Sue said...

I love your paper craft and the daisy scarf is as gorgeous as the last one. Will you teach me how to make them? Please.

Cath Ü said...

Dishwasher safe... that made me laugh...LOL

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