Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have joined the Christmas challenge..

Yes this is the first time that I have joined a challenge .... I love Christmas and do try to get organised every year and well last year lots happened and well our Christmas was a very quiet one with the death of my Father. So  this year we are going to celebrate life... and hopeful have a great Christmas in a new home, with lots of good friends.... so I had better get sewing and crafting!!!
so I have started
 here is my journal  and a twist on the 2 fat1/8th as Ineed to make some small heat mats for my table and a friends table so here they are. I used up some 21/2" squares that were left over from another project, and they were sandwiched with left over wool wading  from a quilt that my mother made some 6 years ago for my daughter.

I have also been playing with quilting and here is a wonky Christmas tree that I made yesterday... was going to be included in the challenge .. alases I made it to big to get the backing out so ended up using more material that was specified........ I still love my wonky Christmas tree.
oh boy just because you are off to work and doing this before you leave why oh why does the pic want to go where it wants too?????????????

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Sue said...

It's great that you are so enthusiastic about Christmas already. Good work.