Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am back

Well after some time I have finally got here to say hi!!!

I was off the air for a few months waiting very patiently for my sat alight dish to be approved by the government as I am deemed to be in an area that needs a 1,5mtr wide dish so we waited and tried to use dial up, well all things fell apart.Its all good now!
After moving house and in the mist of renovating, unpacking, working, and all that life seems to throw at you, and I slipped in a trip to Bali with some friends in November- just for fun! settled DD in to a new school, oh and now she is on holidays. Life seem to move so fast.. or am I just getting older?
 I still can't find the lead for the camera to down load pictures and this is a new computer as you may well remember that the old girl gave up the ghost! We are still playing "pick a box" here as we are putting in a new kitchen and moving rooms around... so we have not unpack a lot,  needless to say that we have started to strip the floors of the oh so 70s shag carpet that is mustard with brown flecks mmmm that is something that I should not comment on(just cant think of one thing nice to say about it. LOL) there is lovely jarrah floor boards under all the layer of carpet and vinyl! and there is often 3 or 4 layer to each floor, so am getting plenty of mussels pulling back the layers!
hope every one had a lovey and peaceful Christmas.
Will post again very soon, hope you all have a lovely New Year and you are all safe and well
take care