Monday, June 21, 2010

Today is my Daughters Birthday !!!!!!

Yep that means that I am getting older... well in a few weeks.
My daughter woke up to a pile of present...
didn't have time before school to take a picture of the all the loot that she acquired.
We have all got very contented tummy's as we have feasted on lasagna, salad and birthday sponge cream cake....yummy!

The Christmas Challenge.... I have finished a lovely multi coloured crochet edged wrap for a new baby that is to be born just before Christmas... oh it reminds me of all that lovely new baby stuff, dreams ........ mmm need to remember that when my girl gives me lip, or wont go to bed when told.

On that note ......... I am off to get sewing and make some Christmas cards.
Will post them soon.


Maria said...

Happy Birthday to the young lady. Was a very lucky girl by the look of the pressies amd such a yummy tea too.

Oh the baby blanket is gorgeous too.

Sue said...

Happy birthday KL
It sounds like Mum spoilt you.