Saturday, July 24, 2010

One more use for quilts!

Today my DD had a friend over,  for a play and they wanted to make a cubby house! With the use of the 50 year old cloths horse, and 5 quilts and the lounge.They made this lovely cubby, a few bed lost their quilts and the lounge chairs lost covers...
lots of fun was had..................

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Early Bird Christmas Challenge

Well I am back again, with 2 more finishes for my challenge I have made a unisex and a girl's pyjama bags or the unisex one could be used for sox's or smalls...

oh no you cant see all the hard work on the apron!!

After closer inspection of my photos I was sadden that you could not see the lovely mini mint green ric rac that is all the way around my apron, and the mint green butterflies that you see very well when looking at the apron.  Alas when  you take happy snaps of them they disappear in to the material.....
so I have tried again
 let see that these ones look like.
I think that it might be time that I went out and brought a new camera, as this old girl is only a 3.2 mega pixels .. a long way from where they are now. LOL oh well I guess I am slowly catching up with all this technology. LOL.
 The challenge was to use 2 colours and a base colour of white, black or cream, the colour that I have used are the apricot, white and the green.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Early Bird Christmas Challenge

Well I have several finishes for the Early bird Christmas Challenge... here they are
I have finished 4 embroidery hand towels. 2 of these are for a young niece of mine that has childhood Diabetics and as the school doesn't supply paper for her to dry her hands on when she need to check her blood sugar levels she carries her own hand towel, so I like to personalise them for her.

Then I have a love of the old fashion apron... and decided to make one for a little girl and here is my lovely DD modeling it....
The other project that I have had under the sewing machine still needs a few little things done to it to complete the project and well will post this now before I forget and pack it in to one of the many box's that I have around here waiting to be filled with all my treasures and belongings. not long now just 3 weeks and we start the move... scary lots to do!

This is a king single quilt for a special young lady that has disabilities and we love, its made in shades of pink and green her favorite colours ...

The other project that I made I posted in the last post will give you another look at the table runner that is made of the scrapes of a black and white quilt top that I have made and will post that when I finally get around to quilting that one.......... maybe that one will have to wait until after the is the close up of the detail on the table runner.  I will try to get a few more things for my box done, I do like the distraction from paper and box's rather be creative than doing the mundane of packing........... take care till next I get here to post.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

oohh la la Its been a while since I have posted...

there has been  a lot happening here.. the house where I am living is now sold...  so the house is full of box's waiting for my new home to be settled... I am moving to a town between the two towns that I work in, it has a local store and a hotel, and not much more, will be looking out over the paddocks of wheat instead of the lovely ocean.
my sewing room ..... well I have to sew on the Kitchen table and look at this view at the moment because .. its box city in here.. getting to the ironing board can be fun some times... worse when you decide to find a piece of fabric that is in one of those box's....  and you are still trying to make quilts for our hanging that will be held here on the10th October 2010, oh what fun..
not long before I move out of here and get my little cottage.
I have been working on some things for my early bird crafting challenge and I have made lots of mess.. seems to be something that I am currently good at... sorry you will have to wait to see that one; as its currently under the machine being quilted... can give you a snippet of the colours from the floor scrapes... yes I am still in to the lovely pink shades and a touch of green and white.

I have finished one item for the challenge..  a lucky friend will get this bright table runner for Christmas..