Wednesday, June 30, 2010

lovely gifts that my daughter received

Well I did promise that I would post my daughters 'loot" from her birthday. She received a lovely fairy doll from my good friend JJ and she is lovely. A lovely patch work bag from Maria and so many more treasures.

JJ has made other dolls for us, DD has received, one for her birthday last year and one for Christmas- here is a picture of them....

I received one too... in a lovely country theme, so I had to sit her in my little wheelbarrow.......             We love our dolls.  thanks JJ

Friday, June 25, 2010

This months finishes for the early bird challenge

Have completed the final pieces for my early bird challenge and here is a picture of most of them as the crochet edge blanket is not in the pic

I have finished :
2 Christmas box's
1 journal
2 heat mats
1 wonky Christmas tree wall hanging
2 crochet top hand towels
1 crochet edged babies blanket
1 crochet pencil holder
1 crochet dilly bag
3 needle holders
2 pin cushions
6 sewn Christmas cards
3 small paper bags
1 crochet neck scarf.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another birthday in the house!

Well not quiet in my house, the neighbours lovely DD2 turned 7 today, she has always called this house her other house!!!
I made her a pajama bag it was stitched in variegated thread and the photos doesn't quiet show the detail. I will have to make a few more of these as I do like them and they only take 1 fat quarter of material all up! She also got a lovely thick hot pink bath towel.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my challenge!

Well all you out in blog land was wondering if any one noticed that I said that I was of to sew my Christmas cards........mmmm not sure if you think that I was tired or had lost the plot... well I did sew my Christmas cards
here are the results I have seem to have followed my pink and blue theme ....

I do need to write on them, alas my pens are all packed ready for the big move to a new house... and it will be some 8 weeks before I can unpack them.  They are lovely as they are.... for now any way.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today is my Daughters Birthday !!!!!!

Yep that means that I am getting older... well in a few weeks.
My daughter woke up to a pile of present...
didn't have time before school to take a picture of the all the loot that she acquired.
We have all got very contented tummy's as we have feasted on lasagna, salad and birthday sponge cream cake....yummy!

The Christmas Challenge.... I have finished a lovely multi coloured crochet edged wrap for a new baby that is to be born just before Christmas... oh it reminds me of all that lovely new baby stuff, dreams ........ mmm need to remember that when my girl gives me lip, or wont go to bed when told.

On that note ......... I am off to get sewing and make some Christmas cards.
Will post them soon.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A dilly bag for the challenge..

Yes a dilly bag, this brings back memories of my childhood, My Mum made me a mint green dilly bag for kindergarten. It was my pride and joy, I would don the school bus with my little dilly bag holding my piece of fruit, hankie, and I am sure other treasures. I kept that bag until it finally fell to pieces.

Today I finished one for a special girl that I will fill with hair accessories, such as clips elastics, headbands and lots more. I had to go to my local Op shop to acquire another 50c ball of wool to finish the project.... so now she will get a pen holder and a dilly bag, for the very expensive price of $2.00 that includes the buttons and trim on both articles.

Wonder what else I could make out of odds and ends that I could acquire from the Op shop.
That might be a good challenge to have a recycle month......

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On a role... crafting for christmas

Today its raining and I have been sitting at the kitchen table and playing with craft....
here is some paper craft that I made.... little bag and box's for special gifts

Yesterday I went to our OP Shop here in town and look what I purchased for a whopping 50cents. Then I turned it in to this gift for a young lady to keep all her pens in.
I love to recycle.... and a such a cheep and crafty gift.

While I was in Geraldton on Saturday I purchased myself some Pinking shears, when reading the label I discovered that they are dishwasher safe??? why would that be???? as we use them for material........ or are we going to take up cutting up our chicken or steak with a lovely zigzag edge...mmmm  the mind does boggle as to why manufactures do such crazy things......

Do you remember the scarf that I made in blue wool???.... well I also while in Geraldton purchased some lovely variegated in colour and texture wool and made this  crochet dress scarf can you see that its a chain of daisy's??

Sunday, June 13, 2010

More finishes for the challenge

I have been busy making small gifts for my lovely box's that I found yesterday on a trip to Geraldton. I came home late and decided that I need to decorate them ..... as my  journal is covered with lovely Christmas material that was in my Mother collection, I just has to buy a pink and blue box to add to the theme.
I have sat at the machine and finished a few other projects for this months challenge. I finished one of several crochet top tea towels that I always make around Christmas time, as family and friends look for them in my parcels .
 I have also make some needle holders and a couple of pin cushions as stocking filler for friends.       
Thank you to Judith for the challenge, I need encouragement at this stage.

More to come in the next few days!

Friday, June 11, 2010

More for the challenge!

Well today I went to the worlds greatest cuppa for cancer, morning tea..
while there a friend showed me a lovely crochet light weight scarf, here is what I made from what I could remember of the design. After a rummage around the box's I found some blue wool, not quiet what I would generally use, it is rather nice finished.
Will have to purchase some lovely textured wool and make another one.

                                        Here is my lovely daughter being my model....  it is like a chain of daisies.

Now my daughter is keen to start to crocheting so here she is in deep concentration learning how to do chain stitch.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have joined the Christmas challenge..

Yes this is the first time that I have joined a challenge .... I love Christmas and do try to get organised every year and well last year lots happened and well our Christmas was a very quiet one with the death of my Father. So  this year we are going to celebrate life... and hopeful have a great Christmas in a new home, with lots of good friends.... so I had better get sewing and crafting!!!
so I have started
 here is my journal  and a twist on the 2 fat1/8th as Ineed to make some small heat mats for my table and a friends table so here they are. I used up some 21/2" squares that were left over from another project, and they were sandwiched with left over wool wading  from a quilt that my mother made some 6 years ago for my daughter.

I have also been playing with quilting and here is a wonky Christmas tree that I made yesterday... was going to be included in the challenge .. alases I made it to big to get the backing out so ended up using more material that was specified........ I still love my wonky Christmas tree.
oh boy just because you are off to work and doing this before you leave why oh why does the pic want to go where it wants too?????????????

Saturday, June 5, 2010

dull day... so lets have fun!

Well today the sun is hiding... that is good as its winter time, so its time to stand in the kitchen and get creative with the oven on warming up the place!!!  the only splash of colour outside is my bougainvillea bush in full bloom, even the ocean has a grey look today.

As we are on the move its time to get in to the pantry... might I say that is a big pantry that is rather full of food! (that the chef of old coming out)  I have to have lots of food around just in case the army drops by for a feed. LOL

I got creative with a packet cake today! look what it turned in too.......
this was a chocolate cake mix!...
this is what I did:
mix the cake as normal with 3/4 of the liquid that it said on the pkt. then I folded in 1 cup coconut, 1 cup macadamia nuts, and pkt of red cherries - roughly chopped the nuts and cherries
baked in mod oven in a slice tin.. when cool ice with chocolate icing.
Its delicious ..................

Well while you have the oven on never miss a hot oven to add something else... another pkt cake that was in the pantry!
this time it was a Apple Crumble Cake - so I just made these as small individual cake and we will have these for sweets with hot home made custard  and a lashing of cream- tonight and for a few nights to come!

Here is a pic of my panty! well can only get a pic of part of 2 shelves... think I might be doing some cooking in the next few weeks ......................

am back... still on the laptop...

Well after adding a few programs and bits and piece to the laptop, I can finally blog again! even got the camera working.

Lots to say and to show! I have in earlier blogs talked about the Narromine swap... well I am very happy to say that my swap arrived yesterday... I came home from Geraldton and found a lovely parcel on my front step. Look what was inside... Karri made me a lovely Santa wall hanging...this will take pride at Christmas in my new house... yes that right we are on the move.
I have lost the pics of the gift that I made Karri, I am hoping that it maybe blogged one day soon.

Well as we are going in to the under offer stage of the sale of the family home here... am sure going to miss the lovely views I have here.
I am currently looking at another home in Geraldton some 65km from here to make my own family home for my daughter and myself. Here's hoping that I can get it... will miss living here but work and the education of my girl is more important that views and the best beaches.......  it not that far away that I can't come back for a visits.