Wednesday, July 14, 2010

oohh la la Its been a while since I have posted...

there has been  a lot happening here.. the house where I am living is now sold...  so the house is full of box's waiting for my new home to be settled... I am moving to a town between the two towns that I work in, it has a local store and a hotel, and not much more, will be looking out over the paddocks of wheat instead of the lovely ocean.
my sewing room ..... well I have to sew on the Kitchen table and look at this view at the moment because .. its box city in here.. getting to the ironing board can be fun some times... worse when you decide to find a piece of fabric that is in one of those box's....  and you are still trying to make quilts for our hanging that will be held here on the10th October 2010, oh what fun..
not long before I move out of here and get my little cottage.
I have been working on some things for my early bird crafting challenge and I have made lots of mess.. seems to be something that I am currently good at... sorry you will have to wait to see that one; as its currently under the machine being quilted... can give you a snippet of the colours from the floor scrapes... yes I am still in to the lovely pink shades and a touch of green and white.

I have finished one item for the challenge..  a lucky friend will get this bright table runner for Christmas..


Maria said...

Even though you will be swapping ocean views for a rural one it is good to know it will be your very own lovely cottage.

Oh your table runner is just gorgeous. I know the project under the machine is also lovely.

Sue said...

I can see how busy you've been with all that packing. I can't believe you have time to sew too. Gorgeous table runner.