Tuesday, July 20, 2010

oh no you cant see all the hard work on the apron!!

After closer inspection of my photos I was sadden that you could not see the lovely mini mint green ric rac that is all the way around my apron, and the mint green butterflies that you see very well when looking at the apron.  Alas when  you take happy snaps of them they disappear in to the material.....
so I have tried again
 let see that these ones look like.
I think that it might be time that I went out and brought a new camera, as this old girl is only a 3.2 mega pixels .. a long way from where they are now. LOL oh well I guess I am slowly catching up with all this technology. LOL.
 The challenge was to use 2 colours and a base colour of white, black or cream, the colour that I have used are the apricot, white and the green.

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