Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mums/Lindas little helpers

Today I had open house (the house is on the market) so while the house was open for viewings ... we departed and went to the club rooms to pin my scrappy cotton reels quilt. I had my DD, my neighbours DD( whom seem to have taken up residence here at my house) and good friend and Blogger Maria helping me. Well as the girls were short one end they became very inventive and climb on to the table to pin. much to our amusement!
We had been down town to the markets earlier in the day, the girls dressed in all the sparkles and boots, never mind the hats! oh to be show ponies.. don't you wish that we could all put on our evening gowns glitter and glitz and go to the markets and walk around thinking that we are so good... I do think we might all get a free ride to the funny farm! or laughed out of town! oh to be that young again.............


Maria said...

And a job well done too.

Bev C said...

Welcome to blogging Linda and good luck with the house selling. Happy days.