Friday, April 30, 2010

the sun sets on another lovely day

As the sun has set on another lovely day, I have been busy touching up the house for a open house tomorrow. Here is a picture of one of the table runners that I made to spruce up the house.. might I say that I did make about 6 of them and have them all around the house all slightly different.. they were made out of curtain fabric that were picked up in the bargain bins and back with a ugly that was in the stash. I believe that all up the cost me about $25.00 for the lot!
The lovely roses are out of my garden.

This is the picture that I took of sun rise from the balcony.


Sue said...

Good luck with the open house.
The house will look lovely with all it's finery on.

Maria said...

I can smell the beautiful roses from here.

House looks great. And also that room??? LOL