Sunday, February 20, 2011

The water flows and we are isolated...

As I am sitting here we are waiting for the river to peek here in town. The are very good at saving the town here they have been building levy banks today across the main road as this is the major flooding point at one end of town.... you can see the town sign on the other side of the levy bank in the picture.
This has cut us of from Geraldton, they are putting up a levy on the main road at the bridge at the other end of town here are some pictures of the water as it half of the expected level.

I am not going to get to work for a few days.... oh how sad I can sit at my sewing machine and catch up with something that I like doing.
work for me is 27km down this road....

the water level shows 14.7mtrs and rising.

this is the view looking up the river, yesterday this was a dry river bed!

,While the water was busy flowing I have been busy sewing I have made my Christmas partners block and when the roads are open will send it to her, here is a snippet of what she will be getting

stay safe talk to you SOON


Maria said...

Oh NO!!!!
What does the song say " Six feet high and rising" Or in your case 14mtrs and rising!!

Keep dry my friend.

Shame I did go to visit today. I would have been stuck there.

How awful you cannot get to work and just have to sew.

Maria said...

Shame I did NOT go for a visit.

Silly me.