Sunday, January 30, 2011

My new toy!!!

Well after some sole searching and looking, dreaming and not been so sure as to what I wanted. I did finally go out and buy  a new sewing machine, after 25 years!!  so here is some pictures of it! has made sewing much easier! no more strange seams that the old girl was taken to sewing.

so I guess that now I don't have any excuses not to get sewing.... other that work and house reno's .......and all that.
till next time stay safe.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

finally some pictures of our new "well very old" home

This is the view that I woke up to the first day that we slept over in the house! the fog was on the ground, in the paddock.
 Today we have had a storm and it has been 37oc and raining. Not so nice!
here are a few more photos of our little cottage, this is the back patio,
here is the outside thunder box, LOL.... and yes we do have one inside also!
this is the front veranda..... and some of the lovely well established gardens.
this is a photo of when the chimney was removed and before we cover it in... the room that you can see through the opening will be my new kitchen and what is now the kitchen will be the new lounge  room, lots of work to do on the inside! never mind all the dust that was in the house and the many wheel barrows of concrete rubble that we removed.